HOWTO add a RSS feed in Thunderbird

Some time ago I programmed my SiteNews program to also generate a RSS feed.

The RSS Feed is avaliable here:

(clicking on the above link is not very interesting, you need to put the link into a RSS FEED READER.)

Thunderbird has built in RSS feed support, this is how to add a feed to Thundbird:

Step one
First you need to create a RSS News & Blogs account in Thunderbird by doing this:
In Thunderbird
File menu
New—> Account
Select RSS News & Blogs

Step two
Right click “News & Blogs” in the right hand column and select “Manage Subscriptions”
In the Manage Subscriptions box click on ADD.
The Feed URL is
Tick “Show the page summary instead of loading the page.”
Click OK
Click OK

Now when I add an article to, the text of the article will appear just like a new email does in Thunderbird.

Why is this handy?
Now you don’t have to keep on checking for updates – you’ll automatically be notified when there is an update ;-)

Hope you think that it is handy.
I use it to keep track of my customers’s sites to see if they have updated their sites without me realising.
I have attached a screenshot of my Thunderbird.

Looking for other feeds to add to Thunderbird? Here is another one: