A BBQ at Heinos

Saturday evening we had a great time at Heino’s “kolonihave” where we had a BBQ get together.

Ole, Daniela and Sander showed up soon after we did and then we all did some gardening while we waited for the Povlsens.

Poul-Erik, Inger, Erik-Benjamin, Anne-Rakel and her husband Casimere were also invited.

It was really nice to see the Povlsens. Erik-Benjamin, Anne-Rakel and Casimere are on holiday in Denmark at the moment but will be returning to their Bethel Assignments in Togo.

Anne-Rakel works in the kitchen and Erik-Benjamin and Casimere work in “L’Espedition” – eh, Shipping.

As you can see on the photos, Sander is a real cutie and grabbed everyone’s attention.